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Angel Painting Services offers the best house painting contractors in Mumbai whose services suit your budget and quality parameters. Our professionals are some of the top house painters in Mumbai, who take care of all your requirements, including on-time project completion, laser-accurate measurements, dedicated supervision by a project manager and furniture protection. These painters bring their own 100% genuine paints, required instruments like vacuum sanding machines, color mixer etc. to ensure that the work done is of top quality. So, trust Angel Painting Services , and place a request with us for the best house painters in Mumbai. Due to the deep knowledge of the industry, we are offering a large range of Wall Painting Interior Services to our customers. Angel Painting Services constantly updates themselves to suit modern times and changing taste of paints of the consumers. So, let Angel Painting Services take over the painting of your house because
“You like it, We Paint it.

What Do We Do?

Every good painting contractor sands A LOT, sometimes we sand to smooth rough surfaces and sometimes we sand to make smooth surfaces rough to allow paint adhesion. The biggest co-prate culprits of harmful dust on interior painting jobs is joint compound/drywall dust. This dust occurs when sanding joint compound, which is what fills in all the imperfections in the walls prior to painting. Every wall inevitably has scratches, nail pops, cracks, dings, and dents, part of our job is to make those imperfections disappear leaving you with the smoothest walls possible. When joint compound (aka mud) is sanded very fine dust particles are created which contains crystalline silica and mica, often labeled as hazardous materials. These hazardous dust particles can stay suspended in the air for long period of time. During this time they can travel throughout your coatings, your belongings, and into your loved ones lungs. Hence, we ONLY use dustless suction machines that work at a pressure of 215 mlb. Along with suction machines we use high speed scrubbing sanders that run at a monstrous speed of 13,000 RPM while simultaneously absorbing fine air-borne dust particles (0.3-0.5 micro) into the powerful suctions vaults, leaving your premises spotless and dustless. Our Velcro sanding sheets range from 60 grits to 320 grits that play a crucial role in the wall preparation phase of painting.

How We Do?

So Let’s Picture This
You decide to paint your home/office/hotel/clinic/hospital etc. Now you can’t afford to shut your office/leave your premises. So then you are left wondering how you can do the same without the hassle and pain of dust everywhere. What do you do?

Traditionally in India—
We enquire for a painter; The painter comes along with his local man-power who then sands the interior walls. Leaving your premises with heaps of air-borne dust which then travels throughout your coating, your belongings, damages your electronics, and worst causes discomfort, silicosis & chronic conditions etc. Ultimately, you left feeling helpless and infected. On the other hand, All along your professional & personal life remains in a state of complete conundrum. Think! Is there a better way, Off course there is! Call us TODAY to know how!

We provide professional services with an amazing team.

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