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Renovate Your Workstation & That Too Dustless…

While we constantly strive to widen our horizon of expertise, we take pride in being capable of catering to clients ranging from corporate offices, trustees, maintenance committees, showrooms, shops, factories etc. We believe we can craft the perfect painting plan that will fit well into the requirements of all our corporate clients. We completely understand that in an office or a commercial property, a painting contractor needs to be un-intrusive so as to not interrupt a business. We also understand that this means completing projects outside of normal operating hours and weekends where needed. Rest assured, hiring commercial painting contractors from Dustless Painting you will be making the right choice, whether your property has just been built or just needs to be rejuvenated. While dealing with corporates bodies, trustees, maintenance committees we understand that as paint contractors we need to constantly pay attention and make efforts to maintain a two-way communication all throughout. We are capable of handling projects ranging from smaller unit complex, towers, buildings etc to much larger projects. Weekly/fort nightly meetings are held where we walk our corporate clients through a detailed report/update as per progress on project.

Why Hire Angel Painting Services @ Your Workplace?


    (At dustlesspainting, We assure to take care of you & your children, pets, elders like we would with our own. Thankfully there will no dust/dirt as our HEPA filters & walls scrubbers)


    (We value your time as much as ours. Our sanding machines and wall scrubbers work at a jaw dropping speed, helping us save your time)


    (Our core focus remains at minimizing any disruption painting can have on your life Egs. You will never have to vacate your home as we assure no dust and absolute cleanliness at all times. In addition, you will be able to carry out your daily chores without a disturbance)


    (Forget air-borne diseases, allergies or general discomfort our HEPA dust extractors capture 99% of air-borne germs leaving your homes spic & span)


    (We aim to create healthier surroundings for children, elders & pets. Our systematic approach fits perfectly into creating a hostile and green environment. We also prepare your walls for anti fungal issues that may arise in future)

We provide professional services with an amazing team.

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